At Yogism we are passionate about all things food. We believe that the Best things in life are Sweet. We have Self Serve Frozen Yogurt with a selection of 50 plus toppings. We also serve amazing Pancakes, Crepes, Porridge, Hot and Cold Drinks and more.

1-677-124-44227 Unit 23, Georges Street Arcade, Dublin 2


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Our Food

At Yogism we serve delicious pancakes, porridge, granola and more. All our food is made with love and we have Vegan and Gluten / Dairy Free options as well. We also have Self Serve Frozen Yogurt with almost 50 toppings...

What We Do.


Frozen Yogurt

Our journey started with frozen yogurt, we built the modest reputation we have with it. We provide the very best frozen yogurt available and a fab selection of almost 50 toppings!

It’s all self-serve so whatever mix of yogurt and toppings you desire is completely up to you! You can ignore all sound and reasonable advice, and for example, mix passion fruit frozen yogurt with sour snakes, white chocolate chips, fresh pineapple, honey and kinder beano sauce – we swear we won’t judge you!!

Oh and if you guess the weight of your yogurt correctly you get it for FREE….no terms, no conditions!

Pancakes, Granola, Porridge and more..

One thing we’ve learnt in the few years we’ve been doing this, is that if you want to stay ahead you always need to be learning, evolving and doing new things. We’ve been doing lots of that and of late we’ve become a little obsessed with our breakfast offering. Our good friend Daniella Moyles helped us put it together, it’s healthy, sometimes decadent and almost always topped with our favourite ingredient, YOGURT!!

Amazing Vegan Food

We admire the Vegan Lifestyle. We have tried to ensure that everything we do has a Vegan option included. We can now proudly say that we have a number of Vegan Options at Yogism which range from sweet to savory. Our Vegan Pancakes with Granola and Almond Butter are best sellers.  If you are thirsty you can also try our lovely coffee with almond milk 🙂

Coffee, Specialty Teas, Matcha Latte and more…

We’re also coffee nuts! If you like your coffee fruity and interesting, call into us. We do specialty tea also…and matcha lattes, homemade almond milk, hot chocolate and more…